March 15, 2011

My issues with Rebecca Black:

– No one’s hair looks like that when they wake up, unless someone sneaks into your room in the middle of the night with a crimper.

– Rebecca, I thought you were waiting for the bus. Now, you’re getting a ride from your friends?

– Of course, there’s the dilemma of which seat to take; we all face it. Rebecca clearly chooses the back seat.

– There is a 12 year old operating that vehicle.

– Her voice when she says “Friday” (and she says it a lot): I don’t know if it’s bad placement or bad autotune or what, but it just sounds so strange. I think this is one of those sounds that no one can reproduce.

– The bad greenscreen on the highway is reminding me too much of the movie Sleepover.

– Also, Rebecca, do you have any idea how dangerous it is to be sitting, unbuckled, up on the back of a convertiblewhile driving on the highway? What if you have to go under a tunnel? WHAT WILL YOU DO?

– This party of more 12 year olds is clearly a massive underage drinking extravaganza, and with this outdoor action and all these cars, would be broken up by police in a matter of minutes.  That would ruin Friday.

– So much bad acting.

– the bridge: I have issues with the “sentence” “We so excited.” I also have issues with Rebecca giving us a lesson on the days of the week. I am aware that Thursday is before Friday, and that Friday is followed by Saturday and Sunday. Thanks, Rebecca.

– Who is this black man?

– Rebecca, why are you awkwardly performing on a stage at this party? Why is there more bad acting and awkward hand gestures?

– Why has that one strand of hair been in the middle of her forehead this whole time?

Oh, Rebecca.



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