February 17, 2011

17. Bullet your day.

  • wake up to alarm at 6:15
  • fall back asleep
  • wake up at 6:45
  • rush to get to school in time for meeting there’s no need for me to go to
  • get to school slightly late, but on time enough
  • see David DiRocco in the hall; tell him to have fun in Spain and not get drunk and die
  • say goodmorning to Colleen McAuley
  • attend Euro
  • sing the L’Internationale in Russian with Comrade JRR
  • make up a test with JRR, have some lolz
  • rush to the second half of study, discover three dead bodies sprawled on the floor
  • say adios to Francesca
  • go to tech theatre
  • display my pterodactyls for Willy
  • sit around for a period, chatting and being strange
  • learn that Coco does not like chicken pie
  • go for a brief jaunt to the Guidance
  • ask if there’ a baby update; there is not
  • sit in the library, decide not to do my math homework
  • aggravate Emma
  • walk aimlessly around the halls eating an apple
  • walk aimlessly around the halls eating a blueberry Special K bar
  • get to math, wait outside the door
  • run to find Stego to retrieve his official bullying reports
  • wave to Sabrina
  • attend math
  • get into a physical altercation with Kare E Free
  • ask Deni if he’s gotten un coupe de cheveux
  • ask Deni if he is nerveux for les vacances
  • ask Micayla the same question; there is no response
  • proceed to not pay attention/distract the class
  • go to chorus
  • sing songs
  • go to English
  • revel
  • run around and act strangely
  • get into one of those giddy moods
  • make strange faces at Sabrina
  • she makes them back
  • go to my locker
  • say goodbye to Colleen McAuley
  • rehearse with geese
  • make an awkward exit from the building
  • corndawgz with Ratpick
  • go home
  • eat some mini powdered doughnuts
  • go for a drive with the window (singular) down
  • listen to Chess, Florence, and Alice (lalala la la la)
  • come home
  • eat leftover chicken pie; think of Coco
  • go upstairs to lay in bed and zone out briefly, getting alive in time to leave t 5:30
  • wake up, all of a sudden, and it’s 5:45
  • talk to my dad
  • drive to the school
  • get to be my personal best
  • write silly notes
  • make silly comments
  • help clean up
  • drive home
  • hug my sister
  • get in the shower
  • decide not to shave
  • blog in a towel
  • UM
  • UM

5 Responses to “dix-sept?”

  1. emmuhhs Says:

    i’m really glad that bothering me gets its own bullet! wow! also i approve of your chess/florence-listening activity

  2. emmuhhs Says:

    and you were in SUCH a giddy mood in english today…

  3. karaefree Says:

    hahahahahhahaha the whole section about math made me laugh. it is such an accurate representation of that class.

  4. karaefree Says:

    i can’t stop laughing

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