going on seventeen?

February 16, 2011

16. Write about your relationship status.

Too bad this one wasn’t on Valentine’s Day…

I’m single. Looking to mingle. That’s about it. I’m not really looking for anything serious in any way. And, I guess, it’s not so much that I’m not looking but if it come, ti comes, it’s almost that I don’t want it. But not that extreme. I mean if IT comes, I’m not going to stop it, but I have absolutely no desire to be in any kind of serious relationship right now.

I’d much rather take this time to be selfish, focus on myself. I don’t think this is the time in my life where I should be living half of my life for someone else, which, if you’re in a relationship, is what you’re doing. (Don’t disagree; I’m right.)

It’s not that I’m a horribly cold person and am opposed to love and relationships and all of that. It’s just that I love life just floating around on my own and playing with things as they come and go, making it up as a I go along, and being entirely untethered to live all parts of life.


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