January 25, 2011

1. Post 15 facts about yourself.

1. I write things down on Post-It notes all the time. I make to-do lists, write reminders, or just jot down things I like, especially quotes.

2. I have a drawer full of quotes written down on Post-It notes. I look through them regularly and smile.

3.  I don’t remember specifically, but I do know that there was a specific moment, standing in my bathroom, looking in the mirror, in middle school, when I realized I have a big nose.

4. I eat only with my left hand, unless I’m cutting, then the knife is in the right hand.

5.  I hate bedsheets. For a long time, my mother would put them on my bed, and I would just kick them to the bottom of my bed and they would fall off. At some point, I stood up for my beliefs. There are no longer sheets on my bed, just many blankets. Also, I’ve had the same comforter ever since my first big-kid bed.

6.  I’m not as confident as people seem to think I am.

7. My favorite meal: chicken pot pie (no vegetables in the pie, of course) with a Bisquick crust, served over rice and corn, with pepper and a side of squash (Thanksgiving squash)

8. I have the best big sister.

9. Flattery makes me uncomfortable. And while there is an important distinction between flattery and recognition, sometimes this is blurred.

10. I’ve had successful toe nail surgery before.

11. I live in a tiny room filled with too many things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

12. I’m open.

13. Sometimes, I worry that people don’t always realize when I’m serious and when I’m kidding, but then I realize that I don’t even always know that, and the people who matter just understand.

14. I live in fear of expectations.

15. I believe in being selfish.


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