commel’on serait savant si l’on connaissait bien seulement cinq a six livres?

January 24, 2011

I’m currently doing that thing where I’m reading, but instead of having a book to read, I have like, sixteen, and I’m in the middle of some of them, and thinking about a lot of them, and spend more time thinking about reading than actually reading. I think that’s fine though.

I just got:

This was recommended to me forever ago by Kara, during one of our many Skehan math classes where we were disruptive and distracting and didn’t pay attention to any of the math that was going on. However, I did not lay upon her desk, as that was strictly against the rules. I’m going to read it now, eventually.

I’ve always wanted to read this. Surprising? I feel like this is the kind of book I would get really into. I also feel like it’s a book that I just really want to have read – I want this in my arsenal. We’ll see if I’m right.

Sabrina, why do you control my life? This is the one that I’ve decided to begin with. I’m about 10 pages in and there’s already been some graphic almost-child porn, in the least creepy of ways. That just gives a whole new meaning to Nabokov’s “shimmering go-between” doesn’t it?

I’m already in the middle of:

I was expecting to get wrapped up in this. And I was. I just began reading it at a time when I didn’t have the time or peace of mind to read or really become engrossed in it, so I’ve decided it’s for the best of my experience with it if I put it off until I can really rip it open. We need some time apart, so we can have intense, literary make-up sex.

I have no words or excuses for this one. I view it simply as an instruction manual.


Any other suggestions of things I could/should add to my pile?


3 Responses to “commel’on serait savant si l’on connaissait bien seulement cinq a six livres?”

  1. hannah Says:

    I would really love to borrow your dog book. Leah’s mom recommended it like a hundred year ago and I never read it. I wanna read your friend’s copy of sex drugs and cocoa puffs too. Is she still in India? Lily? I hope so.

    Anyways, this wasn’t a comment for your sake for for mine. Sorry about that, mate.

    Skins is on and I might watch it. I know you won’t so if I do I’ll tell you all about it in Euro. Even though I know you don’t care.


    • maarkm Says:

      I got the dog book from the public library, and there were like 4 copies of it there. And yes, you can borrow the cocoa puffs book. Lily is still in… Ecuador. See you in 10 minutes!

  2. emmuhhs Says:

    the first one i’ve wanted to read for a really long time. the second i’ve been told is really depressing. i haven’t heard of the third. and you’re reading the fourth and fifth. the end on my commentary.

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