you’re still a scary rockstar in your mother’s eyes?

November 28, 2010

It’s interesting how a person can go from being afraid of you
to being one of your best friends.

Yes, that’s right, Formspring, I said it.

I’m pretty lucky to have really great friends. Who seem to somehow be able to know exactly what’s going on with me, even when I’m not too sure. Who relentlessly text me certain photos. Who allow me to indulge in everything I want to indulge in.

A fairly long while ago, Alexandra Popken wrote this about me. I figured now was a good time to return the favor.

For a decently long period of time, La Griega was afraid of me. During most of this time, I may or may not have been aware that she existed. But somewhere between her freshman year, my sophomore year, the Peppermint Twist, and that D Minor chord, she became one of my closest friends.

Alexandra played my mother in the most elongated stress dream of my life. Ever since then, she’s been my substitute mother, with full the support and permission, of course, of my real mother. She knows what to say when I’m in a pissy mood. She allows me to say horrible things and then laughs at them with me. She is more aware of who I am and how I’m doing than I am sometimes, and has the ability to watch out for me without me even realizing it.

But truly, I don’t know what I’d do without her. She seems to be able to give nearly constantly, without ever really asking for anything in return, although she deserves a lot. When I’m cast in my first Broadway show, I’m taking her to Spain.

She’s my mother. She’s my therapist.
She’s my partner in crime.
She’s Greek. She’s asthmatic. She has warm cheeks.
And yes, she’s one of my best friends.




3 Responses to “you’re still a scary rockstar in your mother’s eyes?”

  1. Stevachu Says:

    This makes me jealous.

  2. marypopkens Says:

    ❤ oh, my jack jack jack.

  3. emmuhhs Says:

    this made me smile. <333333 i would say write about me but i'm afraid about the horrible things you would say about me.

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