thank you?

November 25, 2010

I find it difficult to just list the things I’m thankful for.

There are times, I suppose, when I feel like there’s nothing to be thankful for. Times when life sucks, when I’m unhappy, when I just want to stay in bed and sleep, wallowing in the poison of my own thoughts and emotions.

There are times, I also suppose, when I have to stop, take a second, look around, and remind myself that what’s happening is real. Times when I couldn’t imagine any other place I’d rather be, any other thing I’d rather be doing, any other people I’d rather be with.

Life is, and it can be difficult to truly believe this, a combination of these two kinds of feelings. We need both. I need both. I need to be Thankful for the human condition, for the artistic condition, for the teenager’s condition, for the outcast’s condition, for the hero’s condition. For every atomic speck that I come into contact with. Because all of it makes me who I am, and all of it makes life what it is.

I am also Thankful for my mother’s cooking.


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