a hurricane can be good?

November 10, 2010

These are the best two pieces of advice I’ve been given in a long time:

“If God gives you a gift, every once in a while He reminds you to be thankful for it.”

“If you have a gift, stop thinking about it, stop keeping it to yourself, and share it.”



One Response to “a hurricane can be good?”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    “the only two things anyone can claim as solely their own are their sins and their snot. everything else is a gift that needs to be worked at, trained, cherished and shared with our brothers and sisters. for, you who were given this talent.. whether it be the gift of playing basketball, the gift of patience, or the gift of singing, you need to realize its true beauty and meaning and share with the world”

    that was a direct quote i wrote down from a goya meeting i had last friday. creeeeepily relevant.

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