reason #875 i’m not eleven anymore?

June 6, 2010

there is a fishbowl on my counter
that isn’t for fish.
and it never fails to be filled
to the brim
with something irresistible.
in times past,
in simpler times,
i would reach into the bowl
to find something i could devour,
and my hand would return
to me unscathed.
now, my hand has grown.
i have grown.
and every time i want a piece of
chocolate or a pistachio nut,
i have to squeeze my hand
as small as it go, and pull it out,
feeling the edges of the glass as they
try to stop the passage of
a hand that used to fit.

this, of course, is
indelible proof,
that i’m older,
that i’ve grown,
that things aren’t what they used to be,
and probably never will be again.
i’m told it’s the little things
that matter in life.
and right now,
this little thing matters a lot.
does growing older mean
the things you used to enjoy
aren’t as fun anymore?
or does it mean
i’m growing too big for
the small fishbowl i’m in?
does it mean
life will forever be
more complicated tomorrow
than it was yesterday?
or does it simply mean
i’ll have to find pistachios
somewhere else?


One Response to “reason #875 i’m not eleven anymore?”

  1. Hannah Says:

    When did youu become such a poet?? Haha I love this.

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