April 20, 2010

I’m not quite sure why THIS:

has more views on YouTube than THIS:

I’ll accept any kind of explanation or spiritual guidance.


3 Responses to “injustice?”

  1. Spiritual Guidance Says:

    Tis quite unfortunate for you that you do not have as many views as that young child. Admittedly I have not viewed either video, but I will make a point of putting yours on repeat tomorrow. That being said, I think the appeal of the first video is in the picture or thumbnail or whatever that gives you a snapshot of part of the video. The first video has a sideways picture of a chubby young child who could certainly be percieved as cute or ridiculous by many a youtuber. Not that you aren’t cute and ridiculous, but your video’s thumbnail just shows a bunch of people on a stage. There are far too many bad-quality stage performance videos out there on youtube, thus giving people a fear of ANY on-a-stage video on youtube. Understandably, one does not always want to skim through said bad quality to find the good quality such as this. What your video needs to get more views is a more up-close and personal picture to intrigue them and make them watch the actual video. Youtube is an unfair website. I hope this helps console you.

  2. benfinnisbloging Says:

    the kid in pajamas obviously needs it more

  3. emmuhhs Says:

    i agree. c’mon, look at that light cue! 😉

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