say what, mother monster?

April 5, 2010

“I’m completely insulated
in my box of insanity,
and I can do
whatever I like.”

-Lady Gaga

“Some people say Lady Gaga
is a lie, and they’re right,
but every day I kill
to make it true.”

-Lady Gaga

“I love the Jonas Brothers;
they’re very talented.
I met them once.
I’d love to have a foursome with them.”

-Lady Gaga

“I’ve always been famous;
it’s just that nobody knew.”

-Lady Gaga

“Love is about danger, always.
Love jumps off cliffs,
love is irrational.
It keeps you alive and it
destroys you.”

-Lady Gaga

“Only value the opinions
of those that you respect.”

-Lady Gaga

“I want my fans to know
I’m there for them.
I want them to see
every part of me.
I am never going to leave them.”

-Lady Gaga

“Little monsters,
free yourselves and celebrate.”

-Lady Gaga

thank you


2 Responses to “say what, mother monster?”

  1. brady.salz Says:

    That angler fish picture in particular is FANTASTIC

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