gotta make a burger?

March 13, 2010

I’ve been waiting for this for a while, and I know you have been, too. I know you have been. Watch it.

Some have said that it pales in comparison to Bad Romance and Paparazzi. I disagree. I’m a huge fan.

Not just because all of the prison footage is labeled with my birthday…

And for the first time, I love that she’s made herself, and Beyonce, the villains. They are the devils of media and over-communication that are wreaking havoc. She’s done so much stuff commenting on the dangers of fame and publicity, and for the first time, she’s really talking about her role in all of that, and how she herself is a part of that monster.

Even if the concept doesn’t grab you, or just goes over your head, there’s no doubt that this video is beautifully made. The attention to the style of the whole thing is genius. It’s obviously got a very Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino, Thelma and Louise thing going on, which I love. As always, the imagination and commitment that come from Gaga just cannot be touched, and that really shows here. The jerky video editing is done so well, and adds a really cool effect to the whole thing. The choreography, the fashion, the colors, everything about it is perfectly planned and executed.

I think it’s genius, and I’m not surprised.

Your thoughts?


One Response to “gotta make a burger?”

  1. emmuhhs Says:

    that was so fucked up. i loved it.

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