March 10, 2010

Usually, I’m not one of those people who rejoices the coming of Spring. Because, let’s be honest here, I don’t participate in very much that requires me going outdoors, and most of the time, that’s how I like it.

But, this being the first Winter-Spring transition of me having my license, I’ve discovered something new and magical: the Spring Drive. Most days after school, I can’t help but take the long way home, windows rolled down, radio on, trying not to hit any other vehicles, and just enjoying the weather and the freedom.

If you want to come take an adventure with me, please text me. I’m always looking for co-pilots.

Anyway, I’ve assembled for you my Spring Drive music necessities. They’re what I’ve found to be the perfect songs for those warm afternoons, around three, getting “lost” near the lake, drinking iced coffee, and paying far too little attention to the road.

Mushaboom Fiest

Skeleton Song Kate Nash

Manifest Destiny Guster

Tears Dry On Their Own Amy Winehouse
(ps: see that screenshot? i have those yellow shorts and boots)

Touches You Mika

I only hope Summer drives will be this good. I bet they will be.


8 Responses to “vroomtunes?”

  1. I think I need a Mark Mauriello Spring 2010 mix cd.

  2. sahlaut Says:

    LOVE kate nash and skeleton song.

    P.S. take me on an adventure.

  3. emmuhhs Says:

    I LOVE MUSHABOOM. but you spelled Feist wrong.

  4. emmuhhs Says:

    also, i feel like this is a good springtime driving recommendation. i would totally drive around to matt & kim if i could drive.

  5. emmuhhs Says:

    holy shit that link turned into a video…
    …sorry for the endless comments. i was a tad surprised.

  6. car. Says:

    I love MIKA

  7. uncle john Says:

    Guster is great for spring drives, the band not the dog (he hates the car). Summer drives are the best!!

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