March 2, 2010

Today, during English class, I received a phone call. Which was weird. I let it go to voicemail.

Today, during Math class, I went to the bathroom so I could stand in the hall and listen to the voicemail I received.

I was informed  by a woman who was far too excited to be leaving a voicemail, and who took very strange pauses in her speech, that I had just, as a result of an entry by myself or a loved one, won a free vacation. This vacation included two round-trip plane tickets (to where, I was not informed), two nights stay at a Marriot hotel, $150 in free gas, and, the best part, DINNER FOR TWO AT THE OLIVE GARDEN.

Now, I have no recollection of ever entering such a fucked up competition.

Mr. Skehan refused to listen to the voicemail. Ms. peterson told me I was probably going to have to buy a timeshare. My father’s response was, “Congratulations! That’s a load of bullshit!”

Even despite the pessimism of all those around me, I was forbidden to call back. I think my father is under the impression that returning the call will automatically sign me up for the Army.

The moral: No one wants you to be happy and people with cartoon voices cannot be trusted.


2 Responses to “deception?”

  1. emmuhhs Says:

    awwww that’s really upsetting. call back anyways!

  2. car. Says:

    tu quieres ser feliz. eso es lo que cuenta.

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