sage advice?

February 17, 2010

You should all think about playing
Adventures in Sex City.

It will… teach you things…?

The game features characters such as Wonder Vag, who promotes abstinence and true love (?), Willy the Kid, who is different and out to “prove that size doesn’t matter,” Power Pap, who likes to have sex then get testes, sorry, tested, Captain Condom, and, of course, the arch villain The Sperminator, who has penis hands.


Okay really, I would like to go to a fancy dinner with whoever thought this up and asked them if they intended it to help children learn about sex or entertain and confuse the rest of the population.

PS: My blog’s been kind of dirty lately. I think I might keep this trend up and talk about my favorite self-help TV show.


6 Responses to “sage advice?”

  1. marypopkens Says:

    julia (popken) introduced me to the kardashian’s…they are my favorite.

  2. marypopkens Says:

    p.s that game is fantastical.

  3. oh. its canadian.
    that explains everything.

  4. Louis Roberts Says:

    I didn’t read your whole post before I played this game, it looked way too funny and so I clicked the link right away. When The Sperminator appeared on screen I can not describe the horror I felt as I discovered that he had penises for hands.

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