January 30, 2010

I’ve had this list for a week or so about thing to blog about, and so far, I haven’t blogged about any of them. I haven’t been able to find the energy or motivation. But now, the tables turn. You’re going to get all of them. At once. I one mega-blog.

1. Post-It notes
I used to write everything on index cards. Things I needed to do, to remember, or that I simply didn’t want to forget. Nowadays, I’ve moved on. To Post-It notes. Stickies, if you will. If something pops into my mind that seems fairly important, I write it down and stick it somewhere. By now, they’re everywhere. And I just got a new pack of them. I should save all of them and publish them as a memoirs.

2. Chuck Palahniuk
I have to thank Hannah for this one. Chuck’s an author. And most of write he writes is kind of fucked up. But he does this amazing thing: in the insane, often grotesque, worlds and situations that he creates, he is able to tap-in to some of the deepest and most natural of human emotions. I’m currently reading his book Haunted. It’s a collection of short stories by fictitious authors weaved into the narrative of the authors being held captive, reverting to backstabbing, suicide, and cannibalism. Love that shit. Expect a quotes post once I finish the whole book. There’s been a bunch of great ones.

3. creeping
I am the master creeper. I like to read teachers’ blogs. I bet you didn’t know your teachers had blogs. They do. And I read them. I also read the blogs, follow the tweets, and browse the Facebooks of people  I met maybe once. Or the friends of people I met maybe once. Some people say the internet had made the world too small, too public. I think it’s a beautiful thing. The more we can dive inside other people, especially ones we don’t know, the more we can dive inside ourselves.

Ever since I began my “say what?” posts, I’ve been obsessing over quotes. Whenever I see a good one, I write it down on a sticky and stuff it in my left-hand desk drawer, which is quickly filling up. Don’t have a sticky handy, that’s what a camera phone is for. I might have to do a quote mega-post soon. I just have so many by now. I love them.

5. Spider Rape
Ahh, another ode to the Baconator. We’ve invented something. It’s called Spider Rape. I ensure you, it’s not real rape, merely an action, a greeting, a calling card. More accurately, one might call it “surprise rape,” but our name has come from those jumping spiders that live in crazy places. It’s hard to explain. But Hannah and I do it at each other in the hallway fairly often. Just ask if you’d like a demonstration.

6. German Beard Clubs
“I hate German Beard Clubs.” -Amelin Carnes
I have to thank Dr.Ryan for this one, whose blog I would totally creep on if it existed. So far, this is the second thing that I love that Amy hates. After musical theatre, of course. Just, enjoy. What else can you do?


3 Responses to “lately?”

  1. carla1203 Says:

    I do the same with the Post-it notes!!! I’ve got like 15 differents (colours, sizes…) y tengo una especie de lámina de cartón negro con muchos post-it que se engancha en las anillas del archivador de clase 🙂 ya te lo enseñare.

    I love it!!!

  2. i love many things in this post.

  3. alejandra Says:

    you forgot the blog about how there is a stage in your life where you are a devil, when you haven’t been christened yet and merely just a walking demon. oops.

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