“your” not supposed to have an odor?

January 29, 2010

I think that yesterday I purchased scented PostIt notes. What’s up with that?

Moving on…

One of my favorite pastimes is making strange drawings and giving them to people. In math, I always give my drawings to Kara. I create many drawings in math because I don’t pay attention in math. Likewise, I do not pay attention in  physics. I quickly learned that there was no hope in my ever understanding what was going on. And so, I resolved to simply “chill” during first period every day, and then just teach myself as much as I need to do well on quizzes in the middle of the night preceding – a task I have just finished doing.

In physics, I give my drawings to my lady friend Margaret, or Maggie, or Vellum, or Kathy, or Potato Sack. (Maggie should start a blog. Her’s would be totally BAMF.) One day, I gave Maggie a drawing, which I believe she still has, entitled “Important Distinctions.” It educated on the differences between “moose” and “mousse,” “cole slaw” and a “cold sloth,” among other things. Maybe I’ll borrow it from her, scan it, and post it here. The remainder of this blog shall be in of a similar vain, however, with a more intelligent subject. It is with great importance and excitement that I present to you…

Important Grammatical Distinctions

Woman: without her, man is nothing.
Woman, without her man, is nothing.

Let’s eat, Grandpa!
Let’s eat Grandpa!

This is great, Baby.
This is great baby. (that we’re eating…)

You’re swell!
Your swell… (is large and disgusting)

I’m going over their house.
I’m going over there, (Dr.) House.



3 Responses to ““your” not supposed to have an odor?”

  1. caitlin Says:

    will you mail me drawings

  2. Carla Says:

    you’ve NEVER drawn anything for me

  3. emmuhhs Says:

    i think you meant

    “I’m going over THERE, (Dr.) House.”

    because I don’t see how “their” makes sense…

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