this is where you smell?

January 23, 2010

Currently, I’m seated at a table in the kitchen of my sister’s apartment in Boston. She and her three roommates have decorated the place with a hodgepodge or magazine clippings, posters, photographs, pieces of art, and African woodcarvings of animals, stacked upon one another (like at the end of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”) All of their individual bedrooms represent themselves so specifically, and the spaces that they share are a mosaic of all of them.

This evening, we’ve been discussing the very distinct smell of the place. I was telling her about how whenever I come here, I smell the same smell, and it’s a smell that I only smell here. It has a smell. It’s not bad or good, but it’s like when you go to a friend’s house, and it smells different than your house. And your friend comes over to your house, and they smell like their house. And then you borrow their sweatshirt, and you smell like their house.

It must have something to do with pheromones or something scientific about the oils our skin gives off, or just our general vibe, and how our genetics affect that. So, I don’t now if it’s the paint, the floors, or the combination of the four different scents of the houses these girls originally hail from, but this apartment has a scent. And I rather like it. It’s fresh and homey at the same time. And it reminds me of where my sister is when I’m an only child.


4 Responses to “this is where you smell?”

  1. I would just like to say, I know exactly what you’re talking about with peoples’ smells. I have an AMAZING talent for distinguishing people by their smells and picking up very slight hints of smells when mixed with other smells. This is hard to explain, but for example, when my brother jack goes to his friend Luca’s house and then Noah’s house, I can smell his head and say, “hey you went to Luca’s and Noah’s today didn’t you?” I can also smell any article of clothing of someone elses tell you who it belongs to. I recognize about fifty or sixty households right now, working on more.

  2. john cowhig Says:

    You guys are too cute. It is very important to be friends with your sibs.

  3. emmuhhs Says:

    I totally know what you’re talking about with peoples’ homes smelling differently. and in response to hannah: she would make a great police dog.

  4. Thithter Says:

    love youuuuuuuuu

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