these are ideas?

January 6, 2010

So, I’m doing a playwrighting workshop. And one part of said workshop is to write a 10-minute play. Tonight, at our first meeting, I decided to jot down some ideas of what my play could be about. This quickly descended into asurdity, as things have a tendency to do. And so, I present my official list of 10-minute play topics:

  • the true thoughts and feelings of animals whose owners dress them in silly costumes
  • the third Olsen twin
  • what the food does when the refrigerator door closes – is there drama?
  • the day after Halloween when all of the candy at CVS is 75% off
  • life inside a crack pipe and all of the interesting characters one would meet there
  • how writing things on the internet doesn’t actually count as saying them
  • Belgian chocolate / waffles
  • what people would really do if an asteroid were headed for Earth
  • a college interview, application, or some form of survey that is far too invasive
  • the epicest of fails
  • an audition or job interview for an absurd job (i.e. the Magic Bullet infomercial)
  • looking for something very, very small
  • waiting in line for something important
  • sleep deprivation
  • the story of a girl who falls in love with a vampire and then a werewolf
  • finding something that is someone else’s private business on the sidewalk
  • life inside a prostitute’s vagina; with sperm as the characters, telling the stories of where they came from
  • a person allergic to everything, especially cupcakes
  • noodles as an addictive substance
  • the agony that is being mimicked mercilessly
  • being an asshole
  • characters making asides to the audience, seemingly describing their character, when in reality, they are describing the other characters instead, just to fuck with people’s minds
  • characters who all have the same name
  • characters who are all the same person
  • characters who are the same person at different ages
  • seeing words come out of someone’s mouth while they speak, therefore enabling grammar mistakes to be corrected in speech, like using the wrong “your,” “their,” or where you put commas
  • finding out that the room is going to blow up in 10 minutes
  • too much exposition
  • the water cycle, the musical
  • breaking merchandise in a store accidentally and the horrid, horrid consequences this leads to – this would, of course be a metaphor for the Holocaust, but it would be a comedy; this would make the audience be very upset with themselves for laughing at the Holocaust
  • the lengths to which people will go to get things for free; another Holocaust metaphor
  • brainstorming ideas for a 10-minute play

5 Responses to “these are ideas?”

  1. emmuhhs Says:

    this would have been so much easier if you had numbered them. but noooo. the first and third would be hilarious, but pulling off animals and condiments would be difficult for potential actors. the invasive interview would be funny. and i think you were kidding about this, but i think if you did it right it could totally be really artful and cool… the one about same person, different ages. if you set it up kind of like 500 days of summer where it skips around, it could totally all come together really interestingly.

  2. Stephen Says:

    ALTHOUGH. too much exposition is already in a musical.

    go with the mamma mia rip-off.

  3. i think you have a potential masterpiece going with the hooker’s vagina idea….

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