we left so many wall videos last night?

December 19, 2009

Okay, so I have this friend. Her name is Caitlin. She’s arguable one of my best friends. Right now, she’s asleep and in a kind of crabby mood because so many people have tried to wake her up, but never fear! She shall awaken soon and take me to go get bagels.

This nice lady goes to college in New York, and while it’s awfully fun to visit her, I would prefer it if she would just live in my attic and not be four and a half hours away. I think it would be the perfect situation. I could teach her everything she needs to know about acting and being famous, my mother could feed her, and we’d get to hang out all the time.

Caitlin and I have this plan. It goes as such: We plan. To some day, between college and having a real life, share an apartment in the city. We will go on adventures together, go to auditions together, and win our Tony Awards together. I think it’s an excellent plan. And you know that our apartment will be the coolest. We’ll throw lots of parties and cause a general ruckus all over the town. I’m excited.

We also did this one:

She’s also a young British boy who can fly.

PS: Caitlin, I’m sorry for what your brother’s about to do. I had nothing to do with it.


One Response to “we left so many wall videos last night?”

  1. caitlin Says:

    hahahahhahahahahah I LOVE YOU! come back to my house and make a cake with me. i can’t wait for our apartment. ❤

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