i’m a pioneer?

December 17, 2009

Today, I boldly went where no lanky sixteen-year-old has gone before. In fact, I went where no man has gone before. Or woman, for all you feminists out there with your hard hats and tool belts. I did the impossible, or, at least, I did what was believed for many years to be impossible: I checked a book out of the RMHS library.

(pause for applause)

Thank you, thank you. I know.

Kick in the Head: Stories by Steven Rinehart

But really. I love reading, and I wish I had more time to spend reading things that I enjoy. Reading is such a cozy feeling. I got a book of short stories. Short stories are my favorite. I just feel like they leave more imagination, and, because of there length, or lack thereof, they force me to think more about them on my own. And I love that they don’t always come full-circle. I mean, why should they. If they don’t want to. Short stories are free to be whatever they want to be, even more so than novels. And I think that freedom yields some of the best and most emotionally stirring art.

My all-time favorite short story is “Pop Art” by Joe Hill. It’s about an inflatable boy. And it’s quite possibly the most touching thing I’ve ever read. You can borrow it if you’d like.

Over winter break, my goal is to read as much as I can. Will you help me?

Recommendation time.

ps: is this a good look for me?


7 Responses to “i’m a pioneer?”

  1. lalaroux Says:

    I will help you! And lemme borrow dat book!

  2. maarkm Says:

    excellent! thank you!
    and next time you’re at my house remind me to give it to you!

  3. megan Says:

    i could recommend a lot of books but i dont know what kind you like (other then short stories). but you should definitely read the Hunger Games, naughts and crosses and maybe 13 reasons why. (lovely bones if you dont mind death too)

  4. emmuhhs Says:

    it’s a beautiful look, and i know what you mean about checking books out of the school library. whenever i do it the librarians look very confused and unsure of what to do.

    i hate to say that i haven’t had any time to read either and therefore cannot think of any book to recommend to you.

  5. Oh my gosh, I have many recommendations, but these are a few of my favorites:

    Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides- It’s my favorite book ever. Its got Greek history, gender identity discussions, homosexuality in the seventies, incest, and just plain teen angst issues. SO GOOD

    Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk- This is the guy who wrote Fight Club. He’s a great quirky writer. Imagine what would happen if parents started unexplainable, but accidentally, killing their babies? AHH DISASTER?!

    Naked by David Sedaris- Another Greek guy..I love the Greeks, so do you I think. This is a twisted memoir of sorts. It’s more of a collection of essays about this guy’s life. And he had one twisted life. It’s funny though, and more of a light read than the first two.

    Precious (Otherwise known as PUSH) by Sapphire- Kindof a Girly book, but i think you can get by that prejudice and really enjoy this book. If you wanna see the movie, you gotta read this first. It actually one of the more moving things I’ve read in a while. It’s written by an “illiterate 16 year old” so it’s comparable to Jack Bacon’s grammar, but it’s only a couple hundred pages.

    Go ask Alice by Anonymous- Everyone needs to read this once in their life. Also a quick read.

    Dear God, It’s me Maragret- Mark, I personally think you could get some life long lessons out of this and I think it’s perfect for you.

    • maarkm Says:

      I’ve great Go Ask Alice. Loved it. Crazy ass shit right there. I think I might check out Lullaby over vacation. I love to kill children.
      And I am SO HOLY! My mother’s a catholic school teacher… my mother who made cookies for my english class tomorrow. Jealous?

  6. Thithter Says:

    haha hard hats and tool belts

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