how am i not failing school?

November 29, 2009

10 things you want for christmas:
– an elf to do NHD
– time to relax
– tickets to Ragtime (epic shit, i know)
– tickets to A Little Night Music
– no understudies
– wonderfulness
– to chillax with the cast of Hair
– my family
– my friends
– my friends

9 musicians/bands you love:
Julia Nunes
Lady Gaga
Alannis Morisette
Lily Allen
Kate Nash
Amy Winehouse
Regina Spektor

8 things you do everyday:
– attempt to wake up
– go get a coffee/slash visit my gf Rosa who works at Dunks
– run around like a pshycho
– yell things that don’t make sense
– eat some kind of afternoon snack
– drama-related silliness
– half-ass my homework
– fall asleep, listening to music, wearing the clothes I wore all day

7 things you enjoy:
– rocking out by myself
– unhealthy foods
– not exercising
– telling people who exercise about my lack of exercise
– skype
– the Jonas Brothers and Demi
– seeing people I miss

6 things that will always win your heart:
– make me laugh
– make me think
– make me smile
– make me talk
– make me listen
– make me love you

5 favourites:
Candy= butterfinger!
Fast food= McDs or BK, it depends on how greasy I’m feeling
Snack= trail mix!
Movie= so very hard, but I love psychological stuff
Place= my couch with fun people

4 smells you enjoy:
– Nutella
– the hand sanitizer in school when it’s running low
– certain people
– my bed

3 places you want to go:
– Germany
– Africa
– the Mediterranean (and I’m going this summer)

2 holidays you love:
– Arbor Day
– Lent

1 person you’d marry on the spot:
prom date?


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